Wharfedale Super Denton? New model from IAG.

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Wharfedale Super Denton 2023 / 2024

According to IAG’s own Weibo page in China a new model is coming from Wharfedale called Super Denton: 


And it seems like it is already available in some countries. Specifications from the official Russian Wharfedale distributor:


Some quick informations pulled from some of the websites posting about it:
The Wharfedale SUPER DENTON remarkably accommodates a 6.5-inch, 3-way speaker system within a compact cabinet measuring just 360mm in height, 246mm in width, and 275mm in depth. Midrange dome (2”) like the one used in the EVO 4 series. 1” tweeter. 

If we look at the Denton 85th, the Super Denton is a little bigger. 287cm depth vs. 275cm. Width: 246cm vs. 240cm. Height: 360 vs. 340 in.

Unfortunately nothing official available from Wharfedale / IAG about it besides the post on WEIBO (Chinese equivalent to Twitter / X / Threads). Price is unknown.

Wharfedale Super Denton 2023 / 2024

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