Warsaw Audio Video Show 2023

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McIntosh MC901
McIntosh MC901 monoblocks.
The Perfect Bi-Amping Solution: Combining a 300 Watt Vacuum Tube Amplifier with a 600 Watt Solid State Amplifier in a Single Unit.
McIntosh MC901
Canton Reference 7
New Canton Reference 7 – Here in White and Walnut
Focal Utopia Diva
Focal Utopia Diva
Focal Utopia Diva Be
Børresen M6 loudspeaker
Børresen M6 loudspeaker – 550.000 usd/pair
Pylon & Fezz
Pylon & Fezz
Triangle Magellan Quatuor 40th
Triangle Magellan Quatuor 40th
Luxman NT-07
The new Luxman NT-07 network streamer transport, LUXMAN C-10X, Luxman D-10XS
Bonawatt amplifier
BonaWATT amplifier
Sonus faber stradivari 40th / Classé Delta Mono
Sonus faber stradivari 40th and Classé Delta Mono

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