New PS Audio FR10

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PSAudio FR10 Black

The aspen FR10 loudspeaker is the latest addition to the acclaimed aspen series, marking a new era in home audio reproduction. This compact floor-standing speaker, despite its size, promises to deliver an unparalleled auditory experience, reshaping the landscape of what’s possible in home audio. Celebrating 50 years of industry experience, the aspen FR10 represents the culmination of meticulous craftsmanship, innovative design, and a deep understanding of what it takes to evoke the purest sound.

PSAudio FR10 White

At the heart of the aspen series is the desire to create a loudspeaker that vanishes, leaving nothing but the enchanting purity of music. The FR10, with its no-compromise phase-correct crossover and sound-neutral cabinet, is designed to effortlessly fill any room with extraordinary bass as low as 30Hz. It embodies PS Audio’s relentless pursuit of perfection, boasting custom-designed woofers, radiators, tweeters, and midranges that exceed even the most advanced products from other driver manufacturers.

The aspen FR10 is not just a loudspeaker; it’s an affordable, full-range marvel that can fit into any space and budget. Utilizing planar ribbon technology, it offers a listening experience that rivals that of its larger counterparts, making high-end audio accessible to more enthusiasts. Its design ensures it can cover the entire frequency range from 30Hz to beyond 20kHz with grace, dynamics, and minimal distortion, transforming any room into a haven of musical ecstasy.

Loudspeakers are more than just audio equipment; they are a part of our homes, bringing the joy of music into our lives. The FR10 acknowledges this by offering ease of placement and optimal performance in any living environment. PS Audio understands that the loudspeaker is the most crucial element in the HiFi chain, as it is the final interpreter of the music. Hence, they’ve leveraged every conceivable technology — from electrostats for details to ribbons for transparency — to design the perfect loudspeaker.

The FR10’s drivers are a testament to PS Audio’s commitment to excellence. The planar magnetic drivers, with their ultra-low distortion and high-dynamic output, embody the speed of an electrostat with the power of a cone. The low end is managed by custom-crafted long-throw high-excursion woofers paired with high-compliance passive radiators, delivering deep, distortion-free bass. Each component works in harmony to create a sound that is as close to the original recording as possible.

But a loudspeaker is not just about sound; it’s also about aesthetics. The aspen FR10, with its elegant design by Studio 63, is a statement piece that complements any decor. Its extensively braced enclosure minimizes external vibrations, while the hand-rubbed high-grade lacquer finish adds a touch of sophistication. The speaker seems to float above its sturdy aluminum base, a testament to the love and care that goes into each unit.


  • Color Options: Satin White, Satin Black
  • Enclosure Type: Passive radiator (three 6×9” oval rear-firing)
  • High Frequency Transducer: 2.5” planar magnetic with Teonex diaphragm
  • Mid Frequency Transducer: 8” planar magnetic with Teonex diaphragm
  • Low Frequency Transducer: 2 x 6.5” woofers, cast frame, non-woven carbon fiber PMI foam sandwich cone, advanced magnet structure
  • Crossover Frequency: 550 Hz, 1750 Hz – Linkwitz-Riley 4th order acoustic
  • Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1M): 86.5 dB
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 ohm (3.3 ohm minimum impedance)
  • Recommended Amplifier Power: 50-200W
  • Frequency Response: 32 Hz-20 kHz (-6dB) half space, 25 Hz (-6 dB) in-room
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 41.5” x 11.75” x 16.25” with base (8” width not including base)
  • Net Weight: 75 lbs (34.1 kg)

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